Hello and How the Goodness are You?

 I hope everyone of you has managed to stay well emotionally as much as you have physically. 

During this time, I have bee reading a fascinating book which was written over 25 years ago by a chap called John Sarno The book is The Divided Mind. In short, the best way to stay physically healthy with a strong immune system is to do your level best to maintain uplifting emotions. Not positive thinking, uplifting emotions 

Uplifting emotions are the things we feel when we are strapping ourselves into our dancing boots – to that end, I will explain the present situation for the return of The Los Palmas 7

Sorry! That joke was just madness!!! 😎 

Here goes…


Wells Town Hall is opening at the beginning of September. From Monday 7th September we can dance again. But! Following government guidelines etc, The Town Hall Management is restricting any one particular session to a maximum of 10 couples. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to dance again on a Monday. My idea is to consider running two classes: one from 7:00 till 8:00 with a second from 8:15 till 9:15 Depending upon how many of you would like to dance determines whether I run one or two classes. Please let me know so I can inform the Town Hall and then plan the class(es) program. 

Sadly, I have to be strict and ask for definite “Yes” or “No” as places are genuinely restricted. A new registration method and payment method will also have to be implemented. Details of this will follow if you would like to return. 

Sanitising units are inside the front door and you will be required to wear face coverings walking up and down the stairs to and from class. While dancing you are allowed to remove the face covering. 

Castle Cary: Market House.

 Plans are already under way to run the class on a Wednesday from 8:00 till 9:00  If any one would like to dance from 7:00pm, please let me know. Again, I will plan a class program accordingly because here I would be allowed 7 couples max. If a class should manifest at 7:00, the following class would have to start at 8:15 The space between classes is for me to wipe down the surfaces and address any makeup issues I might have collected as a consequence of excited dancers colliding with me as they cavort around the floor like newly released bovine being allowed their first taste of freedom following a winter of discontent in the mooshed! 😸 


The Shipham Hall booking people are the only people from whom I have still heard nothing. A few weeks ago, I was in the area so I popped into the carpark to take a look. There was a notice on the windows stating the hall had been deep cleaned and was waiting for permission to open. Again, for those who would like to resume dancing in, Shipham, please let me know asap because it’s my guess things will happen there in September. I know September can be a month when many go away on holiday, which means it might be a possibility to consider resuming in October. 

Private Lessons. 

This one is much more straightforward. 

From Friday 4th September I will be able to offer any couple private lessons in Hadspen Village Hall. The hall will be available for our use on a Friday (all day) and Saturday morning. 

Just to be really dull and boring; I repeat (coz I know you don’t listen when you’re bemoaning the fact  ALL of your feet have an identity crisis) LET ME KNOW if and which class time you would like to attend. I feel really cruel and mercenary when I say possible, probable, maybe and I’m not sure will have to be considered as a no. I am sorry!

I fully understand any One who is still experiencing feelings and thoughts of fear, worry and uncertainty. Being a person who, himself, plays with the Ogre of Anxiety as a pass time, and almost always misplaces his “get out of jail free” card, I empathise, as the last few months have adorned us with a few opportunities to fully acquaint ourselves with the cheeky little monkey. However, this is a unique life changing situation for all of us and, personally, I feel the safest and quickest way out of it is to move with a considered, compassionate yet definite grace. If we are kind and respectful of the self, by default we are gentle with others. 

I feel we should seize this opportunity to dance while it’s being presented because if you cast your eye around Europe and see what’s happening there…

So, I look forward to seeing you soon. 

To coin the phrase Brucie Bonus didn’t use Staaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrt dancing! 

With love to you all.

Paul. xx