A Further Update

Hello Everyone.

This note to you is the official confirmation that dancing is going to have to stop. I have now heard from all venues and as from midnight of the 5th November all the venues I have been using will be closed until at least the 2nd of December. Please keep an eye on the website and your email box as I will be in touch with you as soon as I know something positive regarding a restart.

As an aside, I have contacted the booking secretary of Shipham Hall to ask if it is possible to reinstate the Tea Dance of the 13th December. As soon as I have confirmation from her as to whether I can rebook the date, I will be in touch with you. 

I am really sorry about all of this. The upside is we have some very lovely venues which we may look forward to returning to and picking up where we left off with our revitalisation of dancing. 

Please do your best to remain healthy of mind, body and spirit and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

With love to you all.

Paul. xx