Further Information

Hello One and All. 

I’m sorry to be a pain and contact you all again so soon but, I feel I should, I’ve had several folk asking the question “Is dancing off?” Sadly, the answer is “YES” it is off! 

Wells Town Hall, Hadspen Hall, Shipham Hall and Galhampton Hall are closed. There is no venue in which to dance. 

I have read through the latest literature regarding the Do’s and Don’ts and we are not allowed to meet up in any area and do anything which goes somewhere towards allowing you to connect with good feelings. However, you are allowed to work. Village halls and community halls are allowed to be open if the activity within is concerned with counselling for people with problems, it specifically states that dancing is prohibited. The only dance activity which is currently allowed is that of an elite athlete or a professional choreographer. 

I have reinstated the Tea Dance on Sunday 13th December at Shipham. If you are interested in coming PLEASE let me know (on 07805 571590 or paulparsons7@googlemail.com) as numbers will be restricted and I am not allowed to have “walk in’s.” 

Let’s hope this restriction on our movement is lifted on the 2nd of December and we can dance for a few weeks before Christmas.  

With love and best wishes to you all.

Paul. xx