Confusing and Frustrating Times

Hello Everyone. 

I hope you all are well and coping with an ever confusing and frustrating time. 

Dancing at Wells Town Hall will not be happening until at least January 4th. The management is keeping the building closed as it is cheaper to keep the staff on furlough. 

Hadspen Hall is still waiting to hear from ACER. I am not at all sure what is going on there? 

Galhampton Hall is open and things seem to be continuing as normal (with the Covid restrictions in place).  

Shipham Hall is open. As a consequence of tier conflicts it is looking almost certain I will not be able to continue with the group there. I am really very sorry to bring you more conflicting news but, I have taken the decision I am not going to run a dance on Sunday 13th December. I know I reinstated the date after removing it from the diary but, the situation is now such I feel it would be folly to even consider the event. I am so sorry but I am cancelling it. 

It saddens me so much to feel the momentum slipping away. I hope life is sufficiently different in 2021 to allow and encourage more of us to get up and get out. I know this is a cliché, and you are probably tired of hearing it. This year has been the most challenging year for 7 1/4 billion of us. Unless you live in deepest darkest Peru or you are an Aboriginal, live in New Zealand or you’re an Eskimo your life has been affected. This moment shall surely pass, but while it is allow it freedom to go by, keeping yourself moving and not stagnating. 

A well-known dance host (whom I shall name, Paul Eden) said to me, somewhat emotionally,  “If we don’t get it going, it won’t get going!” This came straight from his heart! I hope and pray for your own sake that you can see the wisdom, truth and sincerity in this simple yet very profound statement. 

I wish to thank all of you for the support you have shown, not just to me but to dancing in this area, through this interesting and fear-full year. It has been tough and I urge all of us to get up and dance the moment we get the glimmer of a green light in 2021. We have no alternative but to create a new habit. Science now tells us (unequivocally) our mind flows throughout our entire body Once your subconscious mind has the habit, your body will do it automatically. It really is our choice to sit out or face the music and dance! 

Have a happy, peaceful, healthy and conscious Christmas and let’s make 2021 appear as if 2020 is the warm up! 

With love and compassion to you all. 

Paul. xx