Spring is in the Air!

Hello Everyone!

Spring is in the air and this is a problem because I could do with a new one in my mattress!

I hope all of you are feeling well, happy and blessed.

I have had news from the committee of Hadspen Hall, they are hoping and planning to reopen from Monday 17th May. They are still guided by ACRE (Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment) but, as far as the committee’s email suggested, the way in which we were using the hall in November of last year will be perfectly fine from May onwards. If you would like to make a booking for lessons, please do get in touch and we’ll put something in the diary.

As yet I have not heard anything from Galhampton, Shipham or Wells Town Hall . As soon as I have news I will be in touch.

In the meantime, stay buoyant of mind and look forward to resuming dancing very soon.

With love and very best wishes

Paul Xx