I have News to Share

I hope all of you are well and continuing to enjoy the season which always gives us the most hope. I have a little bit of news to share.

Firstly, Hadspen Hall is still on track to open from Monday 17th May. I have taken a few bookings from some of you who are keen to get back to dancing.  Remember, I rent hall space in Hadspen on a Friday (all day) and a Saturday morning, only. This means dancing would resume from Friday 21st May.

Second, I have spoken with the manager of Wells Town Hall. The Town Hall is also expecting to reopen on Monday 17th May. Now the bit I struggle to communicate clearly: however, these words are coming, as accurately as I can recall, from the general manger. 

We are in this phased or stepped program of release or easing of restrictions. Step 2 starts on 12th April.  Step 3 starts on Monday 17th May but, only if everything has gone according to plan with the two preceding steps. There will be a government announcement on the 6th May informing us as to whether step 3 is brought into being on May 17th. At this time, Wells Town Hall is planning and moving towards opening on May 17th. Kevin (the manager) has told me to tell all of you he welcomes you back from that date! But, this cannot be an absolute definite until we have passed May 6th. So, from my perspective, it would be rather helpful to hear from you if you would like to or intend to start again just as soon as we can. 

Third, Shipham. The committee of Shipham Village Hall is not allowing dancing to start until June 21st at the earliest. The venue will be open for other events and organisations before this date but, in accord with guidance from ACRE, dancing has got to wait until June.

Fourth, Galhampton. Galhampton say they are planning to reopen  on 17th May but, as yet I am not certain if that will extend to allowing dance classes. When they do open, the only class running there will be on a Wednesday at 7:00 pm with no private tuition available.

The Dawlish weekend is good to go. I am aware there is a possibility the weekend will be the first time some of you will have danced in over a year. At best, some might have just about managed 3 or 4 weeks of practice. Remember, one week equates to a one hour class and not 168 hours of dancing! If you would still like to go and you are declining through fears or worries of not being able to remember anything, concerned you will not be able to lead or follow each other or just completely overwhelmed at the thought of setting your body in motion with music, please don’t worry or allow this to put you off. The truth from my side is this; although I want to dance again, I am really nervous about the whole thing.  Not only am I aware I haven’t danced properly since March 2020, I haven’t been teaching it since November. I too, am not really sure where or how to begin! I too, experience tremendous doubt. With this in mind, the evening dances and morning workshops are subjects to which I am now giving careful thought and attention. Obviously, the dancing program cannot be that of a similar vein to previous years and I want to make the workshops and evening dances as accessible and enjoyable as is possible for everyone. One option I am considering is to hold an informal, very relaxed and easy (FOC) question and answer, anyone helps anyone session just after lunch on Saturday. The aim would be to just remember a few moves, step sequences, what to do after a Spin Turn, “What is a Spin Turn” etc.  If this helps you feel a little more comfortable about dancing in Dawlish, please drop Peter a line. 

Please contact me should you wish to discuss any of the above or book a lesson. Mobile:  07805 571590 or paulparsons7@googlemail.com Thank you. 

With love,