Hello from Paul

Hello Everyone.

So here we are, a few days after what we hope is the releasing of the last few restrictions. This means we are free to do a little more of the important stuff in life, enjoy ourselves and have a bit of fun. 

Dancing is very much back on the menu and has been since 17th May. It’s comforting to see the confidence in people growing stronger as the days turn into weeks. The very long lay-off hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm and willingness to take on new thoughts and perceptions relative to moving the body weight and experiencing the music as that which is literally engaged in the dance through the body. It’s all very exciting and gratifying as we, quite literally, find our way towards a new and improved normal – on the dance floor, at least. 

Hadspen Hall is proving to be popular and enormously appreciated as the venue for individual tuition. The floor is simply stunning to dance on. I am particularly looking forward to enjoying a comfortable winter in the hall with the luxury of effective heating. I feel guilty to say this about the Market House as it served us so well for many years but, dancing through the colder months was quite often less than pleasant with a very cold, unforgiving floor and room. 

Dawlish 2021 was a great success. It was more than uplifting to observe the silent encouragement everyone was giving everyone. There was a proper feeling of a community pulling in the same direction. It was a treat to witness and be a part of it. Dawlish January 2022 is, I understand, chuntering along quite nicely in regards to bookings. If you are interested and would simply love to dance in Devon in January, please either contact Peter Thomas directly;  griggsandthomas@btinternet.com  or let me know and I will forward your details to him. Nigel & Pat have done their work on the photo C.D from the Dawlish Dance Weekend. I have the discs so, please ask me for your copy. Usual arrangement apply, no fee for the disc but please feel free to put a lovely donation in a charity pot of your choice.

Peter Tebby is starting his dances in Somerton. If you haven’t been to Edgar Hall and experienced the atmosphere and beautiful floor along with Peter’s great music and obvious passion for dancing, maybe July 31st, 8:00p.m. is the time to start. If you would like more information you may contact Peter by emailing him; witheytebby@btinternet.com   

If you know anyone who is looking to start dancing, please send them this way as I now feel a little more secure with the future regarding planning a new beginners class. It would appear there is a growing number of souls who are really understanding our mental and emotional well-being is slightly more important than we might have been crediting in strengthening the physical body’s immune system. The happier and more content you feel, the more you are able to express warm and uplifting emotions and feelings, the stronger your body is to naturally resist external threats of the unseen nasty stuff!  

I think this is all for now. If you can think of anything I’ve missed, ping me a text and then I will tell you what I’ve missed.!! (?) 

In the meantime, enjoy the remainder of the best summer since last year.

With love and very best wishes. Paul. xx