Words from Paul.

Hello Everyone. 

It’s September and life is looking good and set to keep improving. Don’t read the newspaper, don’t watch the news on T,V. don’t look at the media stream – rather, look for your dancing shoes and do something infinitely more gratifying, return to the dance floor! 

During the lockdown I convinced myself I wasn’t missing dancing and I “knew” it wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t dance again. I believed my thoughts at the time. The realisation of how much I had actually missed dancing trickled back through June and July. I am confident I will never take my opportunity to dance for granted, again. I now appreciate dancing, in whichever form it manifests itself, as the divine right of anything which calls itself human. Not wishing to be all wimpey and spiritual, rather, practical and logical but, dancing is far better for us than I could ever imagine. We, as human beings, need to pay more attention to our emotional and mental well-being if we are sincere in improving our physical health and immune system. Dancing and music are essential to us, we’ve been ignoring its importance for a long time. 

Why not look at your responsibility to yourself and your all round health with a different light and see the unexplored benefits of dancing? 

If you have been thinking of dancing again, now is always a good moment to dance!

Give me a call, ping me a text, write me an email and come back to dancing. Having had a love/hate relationship with dance for most of my life, I can tell you dancing is a living entity in its own right and when you return to it, it will never judge you. It always accepts you exactly as you are and allows you to be who you are and who you would like to be. 

Conversely, if you have never danced before and you would love to try it, now is also a great time. Tomorrow is always too late because it is never here! 

Don’t forget Peter Tebby at Somerton! He is now running his dances again on the last Saturday of each month (December dates will vary) in the amazing Edgar Hall with its perfect wooden floor. His contact no is:- 07738 581292 to confirm dates and start time etc. 

With love and very best wishes to you all.

Paul. xx