An exciting development.

I’m excited and happy to announce we (Marie & I) will be at the Durley Dean hotel, Bournemouth on Saturday 5th November teaching a tango workshop on behalf of Paul & Carole Eden of 

The November workshop is the first of a sprinkling of workshops we’ve been asked to host for 2023. 

This is exciting because it offers a new and different platform reaching a different audience allowing a specific and salient message regarding Ballroom dancing to be spread. Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence dancing is infinitely more than: “1, Left foot forward. 2, Right foot side…”  We are living in a time of rapid and unprecedented change. We can experience the changes painlessly if we stop doing what we are doing and change our perspective of dancing. Sounds weird? Sounds like I’ve lost the plot? Allow the truth of dancing to convince you… ❤️,