Peter Tebby

When we say it is sad a person has done this thing we call dying, it is sad not necessarily for the one who has passed but, moreover, for us who remain in this physical dimension without a physical reminder (aka their body) of their presence.

If you know Peter, you will know that not only was he a particularly fine dancer, but a former UK Olde Tyme Champion. Many of the Ballroom champions of the late 20th century were Olde Tyme champions or brilliant exponents of the particularly challenging discipline. Olde Tyme dancing will, without doubt, enhance your ability to “master” and capacity to enjoy all the standard ballroom and Latin dances, be they in the guise of sequence or freestyle.

As the situation is now, I believe, Peter is in a dimension where he can enjoy unequivocal freedom of terpsichorean movement without the encumbrance of a human mind which can limit the body via the agonies of anxiety, uncertainty, fear, and doubt.

One of my early teachers insisted I should qualify in Olde Tyme. I did as I was told and I know firsthand how challenging, yet commensurately rewarding this beautiful dance genre is.

Two of Peter’s favourites; Saunter Reve and Britannia Saunter. I have been at Somerton and previously at Western Zoyland when Peter has played these dances. I have witnessed him mentally dancing these dances while he is on stage presenting music and been aware he has done an Elvis – Elvis has left the building!

If you would like to pay tribute to the legacy of Peter, you can do worse than learn a little Olde Tyme. If enough people learn it, the music presenters would play it. Thus, every time you are at Somerton, Westland, Digby Hall, Herrison Hall, Corn Exchange in Exeter or Peter’s stomping ground – Winter Gardens of Weston Super Mare, you would be openly inviting the spirit of Peter to join you for a blast in the ballroom! Having Peter as a partner to encourage you can only be a good thing!

Do not ask or tell Peter to rest in peace. Rather, wind up your gramophone, slap the Shadows on the deck and… Dance On, Peter!